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Shadowbox Studio is a photo & video shooting space located at 900 East Club Boulevard, Unit 2200-D (inside the new Ample Storage complex) in Durham, North Carolina.

Perfect for portraits, product photography, interviews, voice overs, movie screenings, workshops, auditions, small events, spy club meetings, and whatever you can dream up.

Amenities include 25’ x 30’ shooting/activity space (with 14’ ceiling), voice recording area, parking lot, internet access, restroom, climate control, lobby/green room.

Rates start at $100/day for studio space, with options for renting gear, crew, and post-production services.

Contact us to find out more and schedule a tour.



Wed Feb 15 – 7:30 pm
Directors for a Dangerous Time: Pasolini
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Italian novelist, poet, journalist, painter, playwright, screenwriter, actor, philosopher, political figure, and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini is one of the most eclectic and influential intellectuals of the 20th century. He was praised by both liberal intellectuals worldwide for his denunciation of the limits of capitalism and the Catholic Church for his ability to celebrate the sacred aspects of everyday life.

Join us for the first of a three film Pasolini screening series, curated and introduced by
Matteo Gilebbi of Duke's Romance Studies department. Informal discussion afterwards.

(1961), Pasolini's cinematic debut, is directly inspired by some of his own novels and focuses on the condition of the subproletariat in the suburbs of Rome. The story follows Accattone, a pimp, and shows his daily struggle to survive in a neighborhood that has been left unaffected by the economic boom of post-war Italy.

FREE admission, BYO beverage or sample what's on hand. Donations appreciated.
Beginning Feb 23 – 7:00 pm
The Modern School of Film presents Film Studies for All!
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Shadowbox is proud to present The Modern School of Film (@modschooloffilm) an international, critically-acclaimed film school and discussion series that explores culture through the lens of the films we love and the "why we love them."

Film Studies for All! is The Modern School of Film's acclaimed four-film primer, featuring a quartet of movies that reflect both the height of the medium, and the vastness of its reach. All films in the series will be dissected and discussed frame-by-frame and in real time (i.e., as the movie plays in front of you) by Modern School of Film founder Robert Milazzo.

Whether you're a film hobbyist, practitioner, or simply love watching movies, you'll enjoy this informative, relaxed course that looks into the heart of each film.

Series tickets available for $30 to see all four screenings, or $10 for an individual film. All screenings begin at 7 pm.


Th 3/9 - FUNNY GAMES (1997)



Free popcorn, BYO beverage or sample what's on hand.
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