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Shadowbox Studio is a photo & video shooting space located at 900 East Club Boulevard, Unit 2200-D (inside the new Ample Storage complex) in Durham, North Carolina.

Perfect for portraits, product photography, interviews, voice overs, movie screenings, workshops, auditions, small events, spy club meetings, and whatever you can dream up.

Amenities include 25’ x 30’ shooting/activity space (with 14’ ceiling), voice recording area, parking lot, internet access, restroom, climate control, lobby/green room.

Rates start at $100/day for studio space, with options for renting gear, crew, and post-production services.

Contact us to find out more and schedule a tour.



Thursday Sep 29
Movie Loft presents:
Wanda, soul & country tunes, and hot dogs
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Shadowbox Studio and Blastco Productions are pleased as punch to introduce and present MOVIE LOFT: monthly film screenings/evenings with accompanying music/bands/sounds/stuff. Classics to schlock, unheralded gems to timely revivals, the tawdry to the topical, regional interest to worldly flair. Movies for the sake of movies.

Our first installment features
a screening of NC native Barbara Loden's Wanda, an American indie drama masterpiece from 1970, and Loden's only directorial feature (in which she also stars in the title role).

Accompanying the movie will be country and soul records from the 60s and 70s by female artists, brought to you by DJs Carl Pants and Next Time.

Oh, and hot dogs!!

It all happens
Thursday, Sep 29: Music and hot dogs starting at 7, movie at 8, more records afterwards.

FREE, donations appreciated. Feel free to BYO or sample what's on hand.
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Samurai Monday continues its second annual season—focusing on films with female protagonists—with the first installment of the eight-part Red Peony Gambler series. The film will screen at 7:30 pm on Monday, Oct 17.

Sumiko Fuji rose to fame for her roles in yakuza films alongside actors Ken Takakura and Koji Tsuruta. In
Red Peony Gambler, Fuji portrays the daughter of a yakuza boss who becomes a wandering gambler on a quest to kill her father’s enemies and the traitors who wronged her family.

Free popcorn, free admission, BYOB or sample what's on hand.

In November:
Ohyaku the Female Demon (aka Poisonous Seductress #1, 1968)

Samurai Monday is curated by local samurai move enthusiast Neven J. Carswell, who began the tradition with his friend Jerry Kee, a musician and studio owner. For years, the two got together every Monday night to watch a samurai movie and eat pizza. The former band-mates have watched more than 100 samurai movies all told. Carswell is also a musician, formerly of a band called Wembley and currently working on two projects,
Today's Forecast and Kitten Party.
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